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All Hail The Yeti: All Hail The Yeti

Heavy metal music guaranteed to get you the birds

Prepare to feel filthy. Hollywood’s All Hail The Yeti have created a booze-soaked beast of a debut. Deep Creek bursts out of the traps with thunderous rock‘n’roll riffs and a bellow of ‘Yeeargggh!’.

Groovy, powerful and energetic, it sets the tone for this great record. After The Great Fire is a solid attempt at arena rock but generally AHTY incorporate a Southern riff sound reminiscent of Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster and Every Time I Die but also the low-slung stoner vibes of The Sword and Eyehategod.

This is classic headbanging party music, and after the first six ferocious minutes, closer Judas Cradle segues into a quarter of an hour of woodland creatures chirping and tweeting, like a cartoon illustration of concussion. If you aren’t hailing the Yeti by this point, you probably don’t believe in heavy metal either.