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Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare: Special Edition review

Dream evil

Cover art for Alice Cooper - Welcome To My Nightmare: Special Edition

As far as career landmarks go, Welcome To My Nightmare remains one of the best things Alice Cooper has ever done, the cunning combination of shock-rock and Broadway pizzazz spawning a classic with plenty of theatrical potential.

The 1976 Welcome To My Nightmare concert film, shot in London, is a bit of a cult favourite, capturing a show perfectly tuned to insidiously slipping Cold Ethyl, Steven and Devil’s Food further into the mainstream. What makes this Special Edition really worthwhile, though, is the inclusion of 1975’s rarely seen Alice Cooper: The Nightmare TV special on DVD for the first time. Featuring Vincent Price camping it up like a champion as the spirit of the nightmare and leading Alice around on a leash before The Black Widow, this every-expense-spared dip into the horror dressing up box looks deliciously cheap, but delivers the entire album plus a nifty version of the Ballad Of Dwight Fry. Tacky but brilliant fun.