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Albez Duz album review – Wings Of Tzinacan

Resplendent rites from the age of the Aztecs – it's the new album from Albez Duz

Alez Duz album cover

Berlin’s Albez Duz return with their third album of gothic-tinged traditional doom metal alchemy, steeped in Aztec mysticism and obscure occult references.

Elements Of Type O Negative, Stillborn, Paradise Lost and Anathema are all obvious signposts through the band’s back catalogue but Wings Of Tzinacan boasts a more sophisticated and mature sound.

Whilst still retaining their heavy metal roots, their moody organ, chiming sitars and sleazy, 80s-infused rock’n’roll gives them an edge that sets them aside from being another sulky gothic doom band. In particular, the charismatic and versatile nature of vocalist Alfonso Brito’s well-rounded croon contains enough swagger to give proceedings a grandiose and broody melancholy, at times switching effortlessly to a more gutsy heavy metal wail when the band lock into moments of heavier stomp. Wings Of Tzinacan should easily earn Albez Duz even greater acclaim.