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Adrenaline Mob: Men Of Honor

Metal ‘supergroup’ dive to the bottom of the barrel

People who hate heavy metal think all the bands sound like Adrenaline Mob – flash, loud, lairy and braindead. They’re wrong, obviously, but jeez, these hairy-palmed tools are hard to defend.

One might argue that the New York-based quartet, featuring members of Symphony X, Disturbed and Twisted Sister, represent a refreshingly unpretentious return to metal’s core values, but really, this is utter shit. ‘Stop acting like a bitch and grow some balls!’ roars Russell Allen on Come On, Get Up, a slamming, meathead anthem that typifies the Mob’s ‘Metal as WWE Intro Music’ approach.

Feel The Adrenaline is petrolhead porn for those who can only summon a semi when in proximity to a throbbing V8 engine, House Of Lies celebrates strip clubs/sex-pests - ’I want to fuck you ’til you scream my name out loud’ sings Russell, the silver-tongued charmer, while the graceless, clichéd Falling To Pieces is the album’s inevitable tears-in-my-Bud power ballad.

Sweet baby Jesus, make it stop.