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Acid Witch - Evil Sound Screamers album review

Best listened to with a VHS of Tales From The Crypt and a bong

Cover art for Acid Witch - Evil Sound Screamers album

A death metal band using obscure horror movie samples and obsessed with Halloween isn’t exactly a novelty these days, but Acid Witch still manage to make their tirades sound scary. Although Hooded Menace’s Lasse Pyykkö – who lent his Neanderthal pipes to their debut album in 2007 – will be missed, their mainman Shagrat’s various punk-ish projects and Acid Witch’s own definition of ‘psychedelic’ (hint: it doesn’t end well) means they aren’t your typical death metal band anyway. Actually, they sound more like a trippy early-80s heavy metal squad with monstrous vocals and NWOBHM influences. And it’s also mainly due to Slasher Dave, another Detroit veteran with three very cool horror-themed synthwave solo albums, who pays tribute to his favourite 80s soundtracks – is that a part of the Halloween theme on An Evil Sound Screaming? – while enhancing the overall creepiness even more.