Windstein slams stage invader

Crowbar mainman Kirk Windstein erupted in fury during a concert after a fan invaded the stage and had to be tackled by security.

He warned the supporter: “You could have broken every tooth in my mouth” and referred to the prison ordeal endured by Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe following the death of a stage invader in 2010.

Crowbar’s audience at Maryland Deathfest on Thursday heard Windstein slam the fan after he made his way through security barriers and staff as the band performed their track Planets Collide. He was grabbed and removed by bouncers – but the action involved Windstein, who hadn’t seen what was going on, being pushed sideways.

Video shows the frontman, who’s focused entirely on his performance, being taken by surprise as he’s forced away from his mic. He takes a few moments to realise what’s going on, then aims a kick at the fan, who’s being restrained by a security man. The song continues as the young man is forced off stage, still trying to make contact with band members.

But Windstain takes off his guitar and follows, appearing to aim a punch or throw something in the direction of the departing fan. After assuring a stage hand he’s okay, he returns to the mic and asks: “Does anyone else want their fucking head kicked in?”

Then he waves at his bandmates and shouts angrily: “Stop this fucking song.” He throws his mic stand away and continues: “I’m so sick of this shit. You’ve got motherfuckers like Randy Blythe – nicest motherfucking guy in the world. Some asshole goes into his office, fucks his world up, and the guy almost goes to prison in a foreign fucking country.”

Responding to a comment from the crowd to the effect that Windstein should expect such situations as part of his job, he demands: “So who does what for a living? Do I go into your office and fuck your computer up? No. You know why? I respect you and I love you.”

The crowd responds with applause and he continues: “Thank you. A lot of people think I’m a dick. Go suck one, motherfucker. This is about respect. My eyes are closed – I’m playing my goddamn heart out. You could have broken every fucking tooth in my mouth.” He turns to the side of the stage and calls: “Thank you, security.”

Windstein later said in a statement: “Maryland Deathfest do not allow fans to run on stage uninvited. They had barriers and security in plain sight to prevent that. If someone chooses to go against their policy I have no control over that.

“I’m not expecting anyone to run onto the stage – especially during Planets Collide. So I’m rocking out, my eyes are closed – and then security tackled the fan into me.”

He added that, due to situations surrounding their Deathfest appearance, Crowbar might have faced ending the show if any instruments had been damaged. “We had not backup guitars or techs with us – if we broke a guitar, or even a string. the set would have been delayed or ended.”

Windtstein underlined he had no problems with fans climbing on stage in venues where it was allowed, but told them: “At least be respectful. Get up and dive off, and try not to hit the band or break their gear. And try not to break your neck or the neck of someone else.”

Crowbar stage invader

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