We now know what Slipknot's Corey Taylor thinks of AI-generated music

Corey Taylor
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It's difficult these days to scroll for too long on the Internet without coming across something to do with artificial intelligence. While it's certainly a popular subject of debate for the more technology-minded of individuals, AI's recent presence within the music industry - from counterfeit albums to faux vocal impressions - has proved that it may have a much larger than imagined impact on our futures, both in the world of tech and in our every day lives as music fans.

And while such technology is certainly fascinating, it undoubtingly comes with a level of moral and artistic ambiguity. Should computers really be allowed to create art? In fact, are AI-generated creations even deserving of being called art? 

Recently, both Nick Cave and Sting aired their disapproval of AI and its role in the music industry, with the latter even stating that he believes humanity will one day need to fight against artificial intelligence in some kind of futuristic, dystopian war over artistic integrity. 

As ever, what we're interested to know is what does Corey Taylor think? Well, the Slipknot frontman, entirely incapable of mincing his words, thinks it's a load of "crap", and all pretty pointless.

The musician offered his thoughts during a recent discussion on Kerrang! Radio, and explained why he's not remotely excited by such an impactful technological advancement in the music industry. 

“I don’t care for any of that crap, dude, to be honest,” he says. “I don’t know what people are trying to prove. Are they trying to prove that computers can do things just as good as people? Because if so, then what’s the point?

“It’s an even worse example of technology taking over for talent than what I’ve been ranting about for years with Pro Tools and tuning and using the same sounds. And people keep going, ‘Oh, isn’t it cool?’ I’m, like, No, it’s not cool. What are you — out of your mind? What? Suddenly now we have no talent? The only thing that we’re gonna get that sounds cool and new is from something that doesn’t even exist? Screw you, man!”

Taylor adds: “Every time people get stoked in front of me about AI, I go, ‘You’re not talking to the right person. You need to go over that way and talk to a dipshit who doesn’t care.’ ‘Cause I hate it. I can’t stand it.”

Well, now you know - where Corey Taylor is concerned, maybe leave AI out of the conversation.

Listen to the conversation below:

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