Waysted men in online feud

A furious war of words has erupted online between Waysted founders Pete Way and Fin Muir, amid allegations over plans to release bootlegs and tour.

Former UFO man Way accuses singer Muir of trying to tour without him and says it had been “wrong to ever have called him a friend.”

But Muir has countered with a denial that he and former guitarist Ronnie Kayfield were trying to “cash in” on the band’s reputation.

A post on Way’s Facebook page reports that Muir has been “stopped by EMI from releasing bootleg Waysted live recordings” and adds: “He has been most unpleasant to me and I only knew what was going on behind my back when a chum called to tell me Fin and Ron Kayfield had asked him to play bass on a Waysted tour, and ‘don’t tell Pete.’

“I was devastated that they would be so Machiavellian and sly to try to deceive me like that and try to go out on tour fabricating the fact that I would be appearing. I feel this defamation is extremely spiteful.”

Muir responds via the Waysted Facebook page by saying the post was written by Way’s manager, Jenny Stanley-Clarke. He continues: “She slagged Ron off on here because he deemed to post live recordings of Waysted from the Dio/Ozzy tours 8384.

“Ron and I are accused of trying to ‘cash in’ on Pete’s name. Nothing can be further from the truth! We’ve never made any money. If we get the chance, why shouldn’t we hook up again? There is more to this.”

The Waysted Wikipedia entry was yesterday modified to list Muir as a former member. The band last toured in 2008, in support of the previous year’s album The Harsh Reality. Way, who was given the all-clear from cancer last year, aims to tour in support of solo album Walking On The Edge in the coming months.

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