Watch teens react to hearing Limp Bizkit for the first time: "Why are they screaming at me?"

Limp Bizkit react
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The Nu metal era was a weird time to be alive. Between the masked (and make-up clad) bands, off-kilter pop covers and publicity stunts like Korn playing on a plane, it seemed like everything we knew about heavy metal was being up-ended as the characters got bigger and the genre went gonzo. 

But hilarious as it might be to look back, spare a thought for the kids of today who have absolutely no idea why fishnet vests, ludicrously baggy jeans and thick eyeliner were a veritable right of passage for teens in the new millennium. 

Thankfully, popular YouTube channel REACT have taken it upon themselves to educate those poor, unaware souls, showing teens Angel, Dani, Gavin and Paulina the delights of Limp Bizkit being, well... Limp Bizkit. 

In a hilarious new video, REACT films a group of teens watching the music videos for a series of Limp Bizkit hits including Break Stuff, Faith, My Way, Nookie and Rollin'. And naturally, the kids have questions. 

"Is that Snoop Dogg?" one asks, as they watch the star-studded video for Break Stuff. "Is that Eminem?!" another asks, clearly unaware of how deep Fred Durst's little black book of contacts went at the turn of the millennium. 

It's a hilarious and brilliant watch that shows how blissfully unaware modern kids are of metal's late-90s makeover. The reactions range from delighted ("This is dope!" squeals Angel) to horrified ("Stick it up my where?" asks Dani) and straight-up confused ("Why are they screaming at me?" asks Paulina), showing that Bizkit are still baffling audiences over 25 years on from the release of their debut album.

It's not just Bizkit that REACT explore however, as they also show footage of K-pop superstars BTS dancing to Rollin' from October 2022, and the video to Bizkit's Method Man and Pharrell Williams collab single N 2 Gether Now

With over 20 million subscribers, REACT have built a strong reputation for showing everything from kids reacting to classic rock bands to pensioners listening to System Of A Down and Nickelback reacting to people reacting to Nickelback (meta, we know). This latest Bizkit video may just be their masterpiece however... until the next one, anyway. 

Watch the full video below: 

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