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Watain already 'rare and special'

Watain frontman Erik Danielsson believes his band have already achieved “rare and special” status in the black metal world.

He’s refused to be drawn on whether the Swedish outfit are working on a follow-up to fifth album The Wild Hunt.

But Danielsson tells SkullsnBones: “We always knew that if we did this, we would do it and hold nothing back. We wanted to create something extremely significant – and we have.

“It would be blasphemous to go out there and not mean it. If you’re going to contribute to black metal, you better fucking contribute to black metal. It’s not something that you can casually become a part of.”

He insists he’s taken that approach to everything in his life. “Either you do it all the way, or you don’t do it at all,” he says. “What we’ve accomplished is something rare and special, but it’s nowhere near being done. We have a lot more to say, a lot more to do, and as long as we have the power behind us, we will conquer whatever is in front of us.”

He adds: “I feel very humbled and grateful when I sit back and look at what we’ve accomplished, but we aren’t done. Not even close.”