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Unto Others are here to give you your 90s-style goth metal fix

Goth metal is the genre that refuses to die. Nearly 30 years after Type O Negative emerged from the shadows to define the scene in the 1990s, Idle Hands crawled out of Portland to update the sound for the 21st century.

Except some shadowy shenanigans have meant that Idle Hands have been forced to change their name to Unto Others. The good news is that it hasn’t changed their brilliantly gloomy sound one iota.

Killer new single When Will Gods Work Be Done – their first for new label Roadrunner, formerly the home of Peter Steele and co – picks up where they left off with debut album Mana. That means lots of booming vocals, swirling guitars and murky 'atmos' that evokes graveyards after midnight.

“I consider this a reintroduction of ‘us’ to those who connected with our music in the past, as well as a debut for the many who haven't,” croaks frontman Gabriel Franco, in between sips from a goblet of suspiciously thick, dark red liquid. “We did our best, and that's all we can do. So out of the frying pan, and into the fire, I think we have all been frying long enough."

Indeed we have. Check out the suitably crepuscular video at the top of the page and check back for news of what is known in the trade as an ‘album’.