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Tom Hardy having to work out the difference between symbiotes and death metal bands is today's best entertainment

Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis in death metal quiz
(Image credit: IGN)

As part of the run up to the release of the second instalment of Marvel's Venom franchise, titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage, lead actor Tom Hardy and director Andy Serkis have partaken in a quiz which has seen them forced to decide whether a scary-sounding name belongs to a death metal band or a symbiote. 

For those unsure of what a symbiote actually is (Google dot com came in handy for this one), a symbiote is an extra-terrestrial parasite that lives inside the host of a human body by bonding with it. Fictional, of course. In the Venom movies, they're those giant mutant blobs with razor-sharp fangs and freakishly stretchy limbs.

It turns out, the names of symbiotes and death metal bands share much in common, and usually refer to some sort of destructive exertion, menacing emotion or sinister concept. Carnage, get the gist. The film's title font, too, also looks like the logo of your standard death metal band, with the obligatory exaggerated sharp letters. Plus, who can forget that our favourite alien blob himself, Venom, shares his name with one of the most prolific death metal bands to pioneer the extreme metal movement? 

Within the quiz, the pair do remarkably well for individuals who assumedly aren't all that well-versed in the world of metal, and answer most of the questions correctly. Names proposed to the duo include Grendel, Amorphis and Venom Prison. The latter is, of course, the moniker of the Welsh death metal outfit, who actually discovered the quiz themselves and responded to the with a humorous tweet, writing: "Yo Tom Hardy next time you’re in the area (preferably Barry Island) give me a shout and we’ll get some chips. IGN (opens in new tab) shout out for the mention / let Tom know about the chips.” 

Hardy is yet to respond.

Watch the quiz below:

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