Today Is The Day in traffic smash


Today Is The Day frontman Steve Austin believes he’s lucky to be alive after the band’s van and equipment were destroyed in a traffic accident on Friday.

He and roadie Trevor spent eight hours in hospital after an out-of-control car struck their 15-seater vehicle and threw it on to its roof.

Austin says: “The car was within three feet when Trevor saw it. It nailed us perfectly, spinning us round 180 degrees and flipping us upside down. We were thrown hard inside, with glass bursting all around us, hot transmission fluid pouring down and sparks flying everywhere, as the van was sliding backwards and upside down. I truly felt I was going to die.

“When we came to a stop I held on tight and waited, thinking the next thing would be a car finishing us off. I screamed to Trevor to get out immediately, for fear it would explode. We crawled out the windows, worried that oncoming traffic would hit us. We made our way to the guard rail.

“In one terrible second our new van was completely destroyed, equipment was destroyed, merch was destroyed and the tour was cancelled.”

Austin believes the Black Friday shopping event was to blame for the accident. He says: “People had been driving wildly going from store-to-store to save 10 bucks in the name of Christmas.

“Fuck Black Friday and all that it stands for. It was truly a miracle that Trevor and I were not killed.”

The frontman reports his left arm was seriously injured by broken glass, and the left side of his body was “badly beaten.” He says it’ll take time for him to deal with the trauma and adds: “Take care of yourselves out there during these holidays. People are driving crazy at this time of year. No matter how careful you are, another driver can take your life in a second.”