Thy Art Is Murder have luck on their side


Thy Art Is Murder say they were fortunate to meet each other and insist they don’t care what people think about them.

And frontman Chris ‘CJ’ McMahon says as long as they stay true to themselves, nothing else matters.

He tells Impericon: “I think I found other people like me. Some of them are very different to me but they’re like me in the sense that they’re very unique characters.

“So I think we just got lucky, all of us being Australian and very unique on top of that. And we just don’t give a fuck as well.

“We do what we want to do – we don’t do anything because it’s cool, or because someone’s telling us to do it. If it’s right or wrong, or different, or people don’t think it’s fucking cool, we don’t care.”

He continues: “We stay true to ourselves and to what we’re doing. We’re just being us. People like it and think we’re funny. We think we’re dickheads.”

The band, who recently launched a promo for the track Light Bearer from third album Holy War, also report being from Australia is a double-edged sword.

Drummer Lee Stanton says: “It’s a lot harder and a more expensive for Australian bands to come to Europe or go to America. So it’s a big financial strain on a lot of bands, and I think a lot of people just aren’t willing to take that risk.

But frontman Chris McMahon adds: “People always seem to be really nice to us based on our nationality.

“Even if we’re at a hotel, a casino or a pub and they don’t even know we’re in a fucking band, they just know we’re Australian and they’re automatically friendly.

“So many times a year I hear, ‘Oh, I’ve never met an Australian before. This is cool.’ It’s, like, we’re treated as exotic animals.”

They’ve issued a behind-the-scenes promo for Holy War which is released in Europe and Australia on June 26, the UK on June 29 and in North America on June 30 via Nuclear Blast. View it below. They’ll play two UK shows in August:

Aug 11: Manchester Sound Control

Aug 12: London Barfly

Holy War tracklist

  1. Absolute Genocide 2. Light Bearer 3. Holy War 4. Coffin Dragger 5. Fur And Claw 6. Deliver Us To Evil 7. Emptiness 8. Violent Reckoning 9. Child Of Sorrow 10. Naked And Cold 11. Vengeance (Bonus)

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