Stanley: No Kiss without Gene


Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has called Gene Simmons a “terrific partner” and stated his long-term friend and collaborator is “irreplaceable” within the band.

Speaking with the Austin American-Statesman, Stanley says: “I think being provocative is part of who he is. Why we do what we do is rooted in our childhood and our experiences. He likes to shock or annoy people and he does that very well. He’s also a terrific partner and somebody who is clearly irreplaceable.”

Stanley also revealed the band wouldn’t be where they are today if guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss had remained in the group, saying: “We were on the path of success but that ultimately led us away from what we formed as and why. It lost the essence of what we believed in – and that’s all part of this amazing story.

“As for Ace and Peter, we created something terrific and had the potential to be monumental, but ultimately not with them. We wouldn’t be here today with them.”

In an interview with Classic Rock magazine earlier this year, Simmons spoke about his relationship with Stanley, saying: “Paul is the soul of Kiss and I’m the cock. He is more emotional and I’m drier. Paul will go to see romantic movies – I’ll throw up at them.”

However, drummer Eric Singer gave his perspective on the relationship, saying: “Gene loves the sound of his own voice – we all know that – but nothing happens in Kiss unless Paul Stanley says it does.”

Simmons recently caused controversy when he stated the world would descend into chaos if it wasn’t for him and his fellow millionaires, saying: “Try being nice to rich people. I don’t remember the last poor person who gave me a job.”

Kiss are currently on tour across North America with Sheffield rockers Def Leppard.