Soilwork are better than ever

Soilwork frontman Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid says the band are sounding “better than ever” on demos for their upcoming ninth album.

Strid uploaded a picture of himself to Facebook, in which he is listening to the tunes on his laptop while enjoying a cold beer.

He says: “Listening to new Soilwork demos with a beautiful brew in my hand. All I can say is, we’re better than ever, folks. It might be the alcohol but I’m feeling it for real. Pretty damn sure you will too.”

The band signed with Testament frontman Chuck Billy’s Breaking Bands LLC management company recently.

Billy said: “I remember finding Soilwork while browsing on my computer and was hooked on them from the first listen. I soon became friends with them and wanted us to tour together. I am so thrilled to now be working with the band so many years later. I see great things to come in the near future.”

Soilwork released The Living Infinite last year. Testament are set to release their 11th album in 2015, following an acrimonious split with bassist Greg Christian earlier this year.