Sick Of It All in Last Act Of Defiance


Sick Of It All are set to release tenth album, The Last Act Of Defiance, at the end of September.

Drummer Armand Majidi says of the follow-up to 2010’s Based On A True Story: “I want fans to feel that they just heard a hardcore record that has everything – from blistering speed and bouncing groove, to heavy and pounding and bright and melodic.“

The 14-track album was produced by Tue Madsen, who recorded the tracks in New York and mixed the material at his Antfarm Studio in Denmark.

Majidi says: “Not only do we get along famously with Tue, but he has always understood how to capture the band’s intensity in the quietly controlled, less-than-intense studio setting.

“It was always difficult for us to find an engineer who could capture our live sound before meeting Tue. Now we’ve found him, he’s our guy.”

The Last Act Of Defiance will be launched on September 29 via Century Media.


  1. Sound the Alarm 2. 1 3. Road Less Traveled 4. Get Bronx 5. Part of History 6. Losing War 7. Never Back Down 8. Facing the Abyss 9. Act Your Rage 10. Disconnect Your Flesh 11. Beltway Getaway 12. Sidelined 13. Outgunned 14. DNC