Schenker wants to spread ‘joy of music’


Michael Schenker says he named Temple Of Rock’s upcoming album Spirit On A Mission because he wants to spread the “joy of music.”

He revealed the meaning behind the title during a question and answer session at the Hard Rock Cafe, Paris.

He says: “I’ve stayed away from listening to music for over 40 years now. And so I see myself as a spirit on a mission, spreading the joy of music from a place of pure self expression. So when it was time to come up with a title, I thought, ‘Why not Spirit On A Mission? It would be a good title.’ So that’s how it ended up that way.”

And he says the goal of the album featuring bassist Francis Buchholz, drummer Herman Rarebell, frontman Doogie White and keyboardist/guitarist Wayne Findlay, was to fill it full of “energetic” tracks mixed with a 70’s vibe.

He continues: “Basically, what’s happening is my filing system in my head has gone all the way back to when I was in late teens. I wanted to have fast, energetic songs with melody in the vocals, but keep it going and very, very fast.

“I was writing with Wayne and he’s playing all the seven-string guitars and keyboards so we have a very interesting variety of songs – fast, energetic, powerful, midtempo and very deep, almost with a touch of the 70s.

“It’s almost like all the emotions that I’ve ever had throughout my career combined in one.”

Spirit On A Mission, the follow up to 2013’s Bridge The Gap, will launch in March.

Earlier this year, the guitarist was honoured with the Icon award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods.