Sambora music like 'Fleetwood Mac on steroids'


Estranged Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora is working on new music he describes as sounding like "Fleetwood Mac on steroids."

He’s enjoying all the new experiences he can after a split with Jon Bon Jovi last year, which he recently said was partly about freedom – although he’s insisted it will be resolved one day.

The Download main stage performer’s new musical direction was inspired by taking his first guitar lesson just two years ago after an unexpected meeting with a fellow professional.

Sambora tells TeamRock Radio: “I walked into my favourite guitar shop – Norm’s in California – and I saw this guy. His back was to me and he sounded like two people playing at once.

“You’ve got to keep on learning. When you’re self-taught you walk down these avenues, and you miss some. I went right in front of him and I’m going, ‘How are you doing that, man?’

“He happened to be a guy called Laurence Juber, who used to be in Wings with Paul McCartney. I asked him to teach me. It’s a totally different way of looking at the instrument.”

Sambora hasn’t revealed any schedule for his new material, but says he has 30 tracks underway.