Schenker Brothers album would be great says Rudy

Scorpions guitarist Rudy Schenker admits brother Michael is upset with him – because the German band’s continuing world tour has put a stop on plans to record an album together.

The Scorps were set to split following a final road trip in 2012, but discovered a new lease of life as they reached the milestone of 50 years in the business.

That meant postponing the idea of the Schenkers working together in earnest for the first time in decades.

Rudy tells the Boston Globe: “My brother is already very angry at me, because I said to him when we were on the farewell tour, ‘Let’s make a Schenker Brothers album.’

“I haven’t played with my brother for a very long time. Maybe here and there on a Scorpions stage, but not in the studio.”

He addds: “I think it would be a great thing to do – and there’s lots of people waiting for it.”

Rudy puts the band’s longevity down to never having abandoned their original focus. “We’re standing on three platforms: love, peace and rock’n’roll,” he says. “Love for Still Loving You, peace for Wind Of Change and rock’n’roll for Rock You Like A Hurricane.

“Coming from Germany, with the world wars and all that stuff, we had a mind to build bridges between generations, religions, philosophies, and between countries. I think that’s why we’re still together.”

Scorpions are currently touring North America, followed by a return to Europe. Their New York show on September 12 will be streamed live round the world. Michael Schenker begins a European tour in October, with UK dates in November and December.

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