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'Possum' O'Keeffe on fine form at Knebworth

Airbourne's energetic frontman Joel O'Keeffe lived up to his madcap reputation at Sonisphere – by climbing a barrier to use a runway reserved for headliners Metallica.

Drummer Ryan O’Keeffe laughed off his thrillseeking brother’s antics on the Apollo Stage this afternoon, saying “that’s Joel.”

Ryan tells TeamRock Radio: “He wasn’t supposed to climb, they wrapped the truss before we came on to try and stop the possum from trying to climb the tree.

“They didn’t stop Joel from running out the front because that’s Joel – that’s what he does.”

Australian Ryan adds that he has respect for the Knebworth crowd who came out to party hard, probably nursing nasty hangovers.

He says: “It was awesome and I couldn’t believe that many people come out and that many people were drinking again. I was there last night watching Maiden and the hangovers must be excruciating. There must be a hell of a lot of hair of the dogs out there today.

“We’re really, really happy. It was packed to the rafters and one of those shows where you kinda got goosebumps.”