Ozzy Osbourne to install bat conservation boxes at his UK home

Ozzy Osbourne and bat
(Image credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia )

Ozzy Osbourne wants bat boxes installed at his home in England to aid in the animal's conservation.

The vocalist – who famously bit off the head of a bat forty years prior – has applied for planning permission to install the facilities for the winged creatures at his multi-million pound Grade II listed home in Buckinghamshire.

Ozzy's infamous bat-biting incident took place in 1982 during a concert at Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa.

According to the vocalist, he assumed the bat that had been thrown up on stage by an audience member was a toy, not a living one. 

In 2008, the singer told Classic Rock: "It must have been stunned by the lights or something because it just froze and I thought it was a toy.

"I just put it in my mouth. Then its wings started flapping and I got such a shock. I tried to pull it out too quickly and its head came off."

The verdict? "It tasted all crunchy and warm... like a Ronald McDonald's."

Asked by Los Angeles Daily News in 2020 how he wants to be remembered, Ozzy said: "It's not the way I want to be remembered [but] I know I'll be the man that bit the head off the bat. That will be my epitaph. It won't be, 'Here lies Ozzy Osbourne … he did a bit of good …' It's going to be 'The bat-biting lunatic,' which … I don't care."

This interview came in the wake of the 2019 release of a special Ozzy 'plush' (aka 'soft toy') bat... with a detachable head.

Following years of poor health, including everything from a Parkinson's diagnosis to a nasty fall, and most recently, a major operation, Ozzy has also applied for a rehabilitation wing to be installed at his abode.

The extension is to feature ‘an abundance of stopping and sitting’ spaces, ‘discreet grab rails and aids’ and ‘soft non-slip surfaces’, a self-contained nurse’s flat, a ‘pool house orangery,’ 'garden room’, and a ‘health and welfare exercise studio’.

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