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Nirvana created 'little window' for Therapy?

Andy Cairns says the emergence of Nirvana and created a "little window" for bands like his to make their mark.

The Therapy? frontman believes the band were in the right place at the right time when Kurt Cobain and co changed the musical landscape in the early 1990s – not to mention Metallica’s Black Album bringing metal into almost every home.

Cairns tells TeamRock Radio: “We were lucky we were in the right place at the right time and there was a little window in the 90s where all of a sudden, after Nirvana, guitar music was given centre stage.

“Metallica released the Black Album and Nirvana did Nevermind and all of a sudden metal rock and indie rock or whatever you want to call it got massive. Metal has always been there and never gone away but for us I think we were very lucky in that a lot of bands don’t even get that chance.

“We’ve made 14 albums now and some bands don’t even make that many albums and never get that little bit in the sun. It was good for us.

“We sort of forget there were kids that weren’t even born when some of our albums were out. Looking back at the 90s we have a legacy of front covers and gold and silver discs that people can go and check out.”

Therapy? headline the Bohemia stage at Sonisphere tonight, playing their classic 1995 album Infernal Love in its entirety.

Cairns says: “Sonisphere asked us if we were interested in doing it. Universal Records re-released Infernal Love this year with a deluxe package with two CDs. It made sense to remind people we did this great album in the 90s.

“For us it’s a bit of fun. We’ve just come out of the studio working on a new album, which is really intense. So to go back and do something like this is good fun – to rediscover how to play them and have to Google the lyrics.”