Need workout inspiration? This corpsepainted bodybuilder will show you how it's done

Goth workout influencer
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In recent years, TikTok has become a thriving hub for the alternative community, offering fashion tips, makeup tutorials, music commentary and more. Thanks to Barbie Three Six (6arbie6) we now even have access to 'goth workout' videos to give us some much-needed exercise inspo.

After all, why watch Joe Wicks' guides when you can check out an influencer working out in a far better spooky style? And yes, it is perfectly acceptable to wear corpse paint at the gym (as long as you don't mind it smearing down your face).

Barbie Three Six, who describes herself as a "6ft goth girl from Australia" who likes "lifting heavy things and dolls” has pulled in a huge 1.9 million followers with her creations, which are comprised of a mix of gothic content and exercise clips.

You can find Barbie Three Six showing off her deadlifting skills (while wearing huge goth platforms), squatting, arm curling and showcasing her impressive gains over on her account. Plus, when she's not strength training, she boxes. For serious fitness fanatics, she even offers bulking tips.  

If going to the gym ain't your bag, then fear not: Barbie Three Six also creates non-exercise-related content, including videos of creepy tea parties, weird comedy skits and clips of her eating fake eyeballs, because that's what the kids are doing these days, apparently.

If you haven't already caught on by now, this gym junkie is a total badass and we're feeling majorly inspired. For more Barbie Three Six content, she can also be found on Instagram, and Twitter.

Check out her videos below:


♬ Rabid - Mortician

♬ what you need by ashley sienna - ashleysienna


♬ 6000 Degrees (AH HA) - $hyfromdatre
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