Myles Kennedy laps up 2-band challenge


Myles Kennedy says the musical differences between Alter Bridge and his work with Slash keep him on his toes.

But the double-duty frontman insists the lines never become blurred in his packed schedule, because the outfits are so different.

Kennedy tells “That’s part of what keeps it exciting – they’re very different mindsets for me, musically.

“That keeps it from getting redundant. By the time I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders and trying to rise to the challenge on tour, that tour ends up winding down. Then I’m with the other band and I have to turn the dial in a different direction.

“There’s a certain amount of work and a certain thought process that has to happen for me to get on the stage, to get up there. And it’s a challenge, which is good.”

Alter Bridge have been on the road in support of their latest album Fortress, released last year. And Slash last month launched new album World On Fire via a Classic Rock Fanpack, which reached number 7 in the UK charts.