Michael Schenker on a mission


Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock have published a video for Live And Let Live, taken from the band’s album Spirit On A Mission.

“After the Bridge The Gap Japan Tour in March 2014, I started to put new material together for what was to become the Spirit On A Mission album,” says Schenker. “I went to the recording studio in June 2014 to put down the song arrangements and we finished recording in November.

“I already knew ahead of time that I wanted to take Spirit On A Mission to the next level by adding more 7-string guitar on some songs to get more of the low heavy sound, and on other songs to keep it very fast and energetic with melodic vocals and a couple of mid tempo’s with more of my writing like in my UFO days.”

Spirit On A Mission is released on in-akustik on March 23.

Track Listing

  1. Live And Let Live

  2. Communion

  3. Vigilante Man

  4. Rock City

  5. Saviour Machine

  6. Something Of The Night

  7. All Our Yesterdays

  8. Bulletproof

  9. Let The Devil Scream

  10. Good Times

  11. Restless Heart

  12. Wicked