Malmsteen working on Spellbound follow-up


Guitar icon Yngwie Malmsteen is working on his next album, he’s confirmed.

The Swedish musician is setting out ideas in his home studio and says as he’s not working to a tight schedule like he used to do, it’s given him more time to hone the new material.

He tells Metal Mal: “I’m in the studio making another album right now. It’s not, like, ‘Okay, now I’m going to go in and do it.’ It’s just that when I’m inspired, I go in and I do something.

“In the past you had to do things and the clock was running. It was terrible, and I didn’t like it. Now I just do it when I feel like it.”

Malmsteen also says he’s considering hooking up with Nick Marino again, who sang on 2014’s Spellbound Live In Tampa on the upcoming album.

He continues: “I have this guy that sang on my last live album Nick Marino – he’s also a keyboard player. I might bring him in for a couple of songs. I’m still working on things, so I haven’t made my mind up on anything yet.

“I don’t plan it out before it’s done. It kind of takes on its own life. So I would say it’s rather early in the album’s process. It’s not towards the end.”

Earlier this month, Malmsteen’s former frontman Michael Vescera slammed the guitarist, saying he blew his chance to be the best in the world because of the way he treated other people.