Long-lost Deaf Dealer record to see light of day


A long-lost Deaf Dealer album is finally set to see the light of day – 27 years after it was recorded.

Journey Into Fear was recorded by the Canadian band in 1987 at Toronto’s Metalworks studio, but was never given an official release.

A number of cassette copies were distributed and the album went on to be described by many as ‘the greatest metal album never released’.

Finally, it will be released on Friday, September 26 on CD and vinyl through Cult Metal Classic Records.

The album features bass player Jean-Pierre Fortin, guitarists Marc ‘Hayward’ Brassard and Yves Pedneault, singer Michel ‘Flynn’ Lalonde and drummer Dan Gregoire.

Deaf Dealer were formed in the early 1980s under the name Death Dealer and released their debut album Keeper Of The Flame in 1986, with the unreleased follow up recorded a year later and shelved until now.

The band split up after the recording of Journey Into Fear.