Listen to Miraculous Mule’s Ain’t It Hard

Miraculous Mule
Miraculous Mule

Miraculous Mule have premiered their new track titled Ain’t It Hard exclusively with Blues.

The song will feature on the London trio’s upcoming single Sound Of The Summer, which will also include a cover of Led Zeppelin’s In My Time Of Dying. It’ll be out on June 16 via Muletone Recording Company/Bronzerat.

Miraculous Mule’s Michal J Sheehy says: “This song has been knocking around for a few years – so many in fact, that to get the initial idea down, we had to call bassist Patrick McCarthy’s land line and record it to his answer phone!

“We’ve recorded it a few times but it’s taken us this long to get a version we’re happy with. It was recorded at the same sessions for Two Tonne Testimony but didn’t fit in with the full on assault we were going for with the rest of the record.

“I’d describe it as a slow, funky blues howled from the cold bed of a passionless relationship.”

Two Tonne Testimony was released earlier this year. Find the tracklist and cover art below.

Miraculous Mule Two Tonne Testimony tracklist

  1. Holy Fever
  2. Shave ‘Em Dry
  3. Sound Of The Summer
  4. Where Monsters Lead
  5. Daddy Grace
  6. Two Tonne Testimony
  7. They Cut We Bleed
  8. The Fear
  9. We Know About Cha
  10. Blues Uzi (Reprisal)

Miraculous Mule: Blues Uzi