Blythe bored of band talk


Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe says he gets bored talking about his band – and wants more people to understand how much “bullshit” is involved in his career.

They’re currently working on their eighth album while drummer Chris Adler has been seconded to work on Megadeth’s 15th record.

In the meantime, the frontman has explained why he tries to avoid discussing Lamb Of God on his Instagram page.

Blythe says: “Talking about my band is boring as hell for me. Imagine talking about your job all the time – it makes me want to tear my hair out. Shut up about work. It’s just work.”

He prefers to discuss life instead. “In showing what I’m interested in other than being a band dude, I’m trying to demystify the whole ‘rock star’ thing, because it’s bullshit,” he says.

“No one – no matter how hard they try to portray themselves as some sort of rock star – is anything other than a human being. The rock star crap just means you have a sometimes-interesting job.

“And I do stress the ‘sometimes’ aspect strongly, because a lot of the time being in a band is boring as hell.”

Blythe will continue to avoid band discussions on his own page, while Lamb Of God have just launched their own Instagram page. He notes: “It’s not me putting up posts, that’s the truth.”