Kix get their Top Down


Kix are back in action with their first album in 20 years – and they've launched a lyric video for lead track Love Me With Your Top Down.

Their seventh studio record, Rock Your Face Off, will be released on August 4 via Loud & Proud Records.

Frontman Steve Whiteman recently said of their first release since their 2003 reunion: “It’s still hot women, fast cars, and great moments. I want everybody to end up on their feet – you can party to this one.”


  1. Wheels In Motion 2. You’re Gone 3. Can’t Stop The Show 4. Rollin’ In Honey 5. Rock Your Face Off 6. All The Right Things 7. Dirty Girls 8. Inside Outside Inn 9. Mean Miss Adventure 10. Love Me With Your Top Down 11. Tail On The Wag 12. Rock & Roll Showdown

Kix: Love Me With Your Top Down