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Kiss star Gene Simmons reacts to his new Pokemon lookalike

Obstagoon comes face to face with Gene Simmons (Image credit: The Pokemon Company/Corbis/Corbis (Getty))

A trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield has been released and it looks as if both titles have more than a nod to rock and metal.

While the raucous leather waistcoat-wearing and stud-adorned Team Yell make an appearance – complete with eye-catching mohican hair– in the new short, it’s the Galarian versions of Pokemon Zigzagoon, Linoone and Obstagoon which are causing a stir.

The reason? They all bear a resemblance to Kiss – and in particular, Gene Simmons.

The Zigzagoon has a star over one eye, which is more like Paul Stanley’s Starchild, but when it evolves into Linoone, it’s definitely more Simmons-like. And, when it evolves further into Obstagoon – complete with long, lolling tongue – it definitely seems to be a nod to Simmons’ Demon persona.

And it’s a story that hasn’t escaped the attention on Simmons himself, who tells Newsweek: "Pokemon has been a part of our household for decades, ever since our kids first discovered them – and to see Pokemon pay homage to Kiss is flattering.”

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be released globally on November 15.

Kiss, meanwhile, are currently touring across North America on their End Of The Road tour.

Pokemon Sword & Shield
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