This ridiculously fun Kiss x Earth Wind & Fire mash-up is a gift from the (rock) Gods that will have you dancing into next week

Kiss and Earth Wind & Fire
(Image credit: Bill McClintock)

It might be only Wednesday, but this new whopper of a mix from Bill McClintock has us feeling weekend-ready and raring to hit the dance floor. Yes, it's that good.

The master of mash-ups is on top-form here, with a superbly seamless and fun creation titled I Was Made for Boogie Wonderland, featuring the music of Kiss' 1979 classic I Was Made for Lovin' You, Earth, Wind & Fire's Boogie Wonderland (also released in 1979), and Wild Cherry's 1976 hit Play That Funky Music.

Commencing with the glam metallers' chugging guitar hook, vocals from the disco track are soon woven in over the top, with the choppiness of each line matching up perfectly to the rhythm. 

For the chorus, Kiss' vocals take over, with the Boogie Wonderland lines soaring in support underneath. Later, a guitar solo from Play That Funky Music appears, and it's an all-out party. Top marks, Bill!

Viewers in the comments are similarly enthused by the brilliant pairing, with one fan stating: "This goes so incredibly hard, I think I might have a new favourite. Soul metal has achieved perfection", while another praises McClintock for his "true mastery of an art form", adding: "This is the best mashup around!  It's not just a mashup, it's a blending of two songs together."

Previously, the mash-up maestro has meshed together Slipknot and the Spice Girls, Ozzy Osbourne and Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor and Dio, and many others.

Time to strap on those dancing shoes and throw down some embarrassing moves. Who's with us?

Check it out below:

Liz Scarlett

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