Killswitch don't jam, says Foley


Killswitch Engage drummer Justin Foley says modern technology means the band often record new songs before they've even played them together.

Rather than jam new ideas in practice rooms, the band members send ideas to each other via computers and complete demo tracks without playing them live.

Foley tells SRO Magazine: “We do a lot of demoing on our own. It’s weird man, we don’t get in a room and play and jam riffs really, like everyone used to do. Now we’re all just making stuff at home and playing it for everybody.

“Sometimes you have a finished song and you’re going in to record it and you’ve never even sat down together and played it. It’s a weird age we’re in now with technology and stuff.”

In the rest of the video interview, Foley hints that a new Killswitch Engage album could be out in 2015.

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