Kerns can't share Slash excitement


Slash's bassist Todd Kerns admits he desperately wants to share his excitement over the band's upcoming album – but he's not allowed.

Former Guns n’Roses guitarist Slash this week confirmed work had been completed on the follow-up to 2012’s Apocalyptic Love.

Now Kerns says in a blog: “I only wish I could tell you in depth how exciting this new collection of songs is, but I’m sworn to secrecy. I’d have my tongue cut out and be forever hobbled.”

He’d previously discussed how the band were worried about the challenge of matching or exceeding the standard of Apocalyptic Love.

He adds: “I can confidently say we’ve surpassed it tenfold.

“There’s a great deal of depth on this recording – a very twisted journey. Many of the songs straight up rock like never before, then there are songs that have a real vastness to them.

“Slash is playing better than he ever has. It is an inspiring thing to see a man with nothing left to prove still pushing himself to find new terrain to conquer. And succeeding.”

Kerns vows: “People are going to be blown away.”

Slash is currently gearing up for a US tour with Aerosmith. Album details will be revealed in due course.