Keifer: Simmons discovered Cinderella


Cinderella frontman Tom Keifer says it was Gene Simmons, not Jon Bon Jovi, who first took an interest in the band.

For years, Bon Jovi was credited with discovering the Philadelphia group, but in a recent interview with BigMusicGeek, the singer set the record straight.

Keifer says: “Jon is credited with discovering the band – or his interest actually led to a record deal. But if you went back a couple of years, Gene Simmons was actually the guy who took an interest in the band, although it didn’t lead to a deal for one reason or another.

“I guess in terms of discovery, you really could credit Gene, even though both Gene and Jon showed an interest.”

Keifer, who released solo album The Way Life Goes last year, says his move to Nashville inspired him to write the record, although his style remained the same.

He says: “I found Nashville to be very inspiring in terms of songwriting, directly down to the lyrics and melodies. I co-wrote with a lot of people, which is different than what I did with Cinderella. I think it inspired me in that way. It didn’t change my style, but hopefully it made me a lot better at it.”