Jacoby Shaddix names Papa Roach and two other bands as the "next Metallicas"

Papa Roach and Metallica
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Jacoby Shaddix has named what bands he thinks will become the "next Metallicas".

While in conversation with Iowa radio station Lazer 103.3, host Andy Hall expressed his concerns to the Papa Roach frontman over there perhaps not being many newer bands who will be able to replace the arena-filling veteran bands upon their retirement. 

In response, Shaddix offered up three bands who he sees being able to reach Metallica's level of success. "We're watching Metallica step into that Rolling Stones spot right now" he tells the station (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). "And Foo Fighters are another one of those groups. And Korn, Papa Roach [and] Deftones, we're like the next Metallicas. 

"You know what I mean? That's it", the vocalist continues. "We're stepping into that spot now. It just comes to, I guess, being able to survive the treachery of this rock and roll life. And if you can do that and still continue to create good art and good music, then we can get into that space."

Speaking of his band's lifelong plan to become a veteran band, he says: "It was my goal, honestly, since childhood. When we first formed Papa Roach back in 1993, we were, like, 'We wanna do this till like we're just old friends from young years.' And now we're here."

Of the moment when he knew that he wanted a long career in the industry, Shaddix recalls: "I remember playing with Stone Temple Pilots back in, like… it had to be 2001. And we opened the show. And it was at this brand new amphitheatre outside Sacramento, where we're from. And I remember watching their set, and it was just like a greatest-hits setlist — everything [was like], 'I know that song.' 'Oh, I know that song.' And it was just song after song… And the show was an hour and a half. And it felt like it was 45 minutes, because it was just engaging and entertaining.

"And it was, like, 'I want that. That's the goal for the band. Let's do that.' We saw it alive in front of us. And here we are in 2023, 20-some-odd years later from first breaking on to the scene in the major-label game and still killing it in the game — still making music that's resonating and connecting. 

"And I couldn't ask for anything more. And it makes me grateful that I'm taking care of myself too, so it's, like, I can do this for some more years and I'm not just on my last legs."

Watch the interview below:

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