It's all about riffs on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


Tonight's Metal hammer Radio Show is a special one where we celebrate the all-conquering riff – just like the latest issue of the magazine!

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a riff. That moment when the electric guitar crashes through the fourth wall, into your consciousness and the rest of your life. You’re probably thinking of one right now. And to celebrate the tunes that changed the way you saw the world we’re bringing you music from Judas Priest, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Alice Cooper, Tool, Deep Purple and Metallica.

And tonight we’ll be talking about Google Earth. Or more importantly, the fact that it has spotted what looks like AN ACTUAL MAN ON THE MOON – which is creepy as hell. This obviously got us thinking…

What one thing, paranormal or otherwise, have you seen or experienced and you can’t explain what it was?

Tune in to Team Rock Radio online or on DAB tonight at 9pm.