Issues aim to prove they’re not just metalcore kids


Issues have finally confirmed the release of their long-awaited acoustic EP – and they say it’ll prove they have a wide range of talents and tastes.

Diamond Dreams includes eight songs, most of which are retakes of tracks from their 2012 debut EP Black Diamonds. It features guest appearances by Nylo and Ben Barlow.

They’d originally revealed plans for the title in 2013 – before the launch of their self-titled first album in February this year.

Issues say: “We had a lot of fun making this record, being able to reimagine songs and show that we aren’t just metalcore kids, or whatever you want to call us.

“We are multitalented, and we aren’t set on one taste of music – we respect and appreciate all variations. Sorry it took so long to put this out!”

Full details will be unveiled in due course.


  1. Hooligans

  2. Disappear

  3. King Of Amarillo

  4. Princeton Ave

  5. Diamond Dreams

  6. Tears

  7. Never Lose Your Flames

  8. The Worst Of Them