Hughes: How Watt went wild in studio


Glenn Hughes has recalled how his 23-year-old California Breed bandmate Andrew Watt went wild during their first studio session – and left the older man impressed.

The pair are joined by Jason Bonham in the three-piece outfit, who launched their self-titled debut album today via Frontiers Records.

Hughes appears on the Classic Rock Magazine Show on TeamRock Radio tonight to deliver exclusive acoustic performances of California Breed tracks Breathe and The Grey.

He tells presenter Nicky Horne: “Andrew’s not a drug-taker. He’s really smart and really connected. Working with Jason and I, he was extremely nervous – but he was putting on a show in the studio.

“He kept losing his head, letting his guitar cord come out, stumbling around. I thought, ‘This is interesting!’ He wasn’t auditioning for us; he was just going for it.”

Hughes has a question for those who listen to the album: “When you hear this band, can you hear three generations? Can you hear there’s a 62-year-old guy, a 46-year-old guy and a 23-year-old guy? I don’t think you can.”

His Absolute Music Bunker Session is broadcast on the Classic Rock Magazine Show from 6pm tonight on TeamRock Radio. He also discusses Black Country Communion, his earlier career – and how he found it easier to quit cocaine than sugar.