Gordon Ramsay shouting over metal riffs is terrifying and yet weirdly enjoyable

Andre Antunes and Gordon Ramsay
(Image credit: Andre Antunes)

Is there anything more satisfying than watching Gordon Ramsay completely lose his shit over poorly cooked food? The puce-faced Scottish chef's angry antics have seen him branded something of a loose-canon within the culinary world, but regardless, it's those same explosive outbursts which make his television shows  unmissable.

That said, despite Ramsay's frequent high intensity meltdowns making him the beating, high-blood-pressured heart of the culinary/reality TV kingdom, his idiosyncratic phrases and iconic kitchen telling-offs at unsuspecting, fumbling chefs are perhaps getting a little samey. Perhaps his whole shtick could be improved by a helpful serving of...metal? After all, he's got the attitude, so why not the rest?

To bring the picture together, step forward YouTuber Andre Antunes, who, doing what he does best, has added metal guitar riffs over a compilation of Ramsay filling his pants. Among his stanfard indignations, such as undercooked fish, incompetent chefs and well, more incompetent chefs, Ramsay shouts phrases such as "IT'S NOT EVEN PINK, IT'S RAW", "DIRTY PIG", "GET OUT", and of course, a truck load of profanities.  

The result? It works well. So Ramsay, if you're reading this, if you ever get tired of screaming at idiot sandwiches, why not simply scream into a microphone alongside a metal band to audiences that will appreciate it?

Previously, Antunes has riffed along to hysterical Christian pastors, pig calling contests, and angry women, known as Karens.

Listen to Gordon Ramsay goes Heavy Metal below:

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