Clark Jr looks to end of genre judgement


Gary Clark Jr understands that some people may take time to adjust to his multi-genre approach to his music – but he wishes the process was already complete.

He’s just released second studio album The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim, the follow-up to acclaimed 2013 debut Blak And Blu.

Clark tells “I wish there was less discussion about genre around my music. I come from a place where genres co-existed in the most beautiful way, jumping from stage to stage with different genre artists.

“It’s something that I never thought about – and I wouldn’t be happy playing music if I only did one thing.”

He adds: “I understand that people have to familiarise or situate it. But for me, it’s not something I think about. It doesn’t matter what genre it is. If it affects me and I like it, I’m all about it.”

Clark’s part-biographical album The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim is on sale now.