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Ever wondered what a running tap would sound like if it was voiced by a metal singer? Well, we've got good news

Tiktok musician and tap
(Image credit: @taylorsuffers)

Ah, the internet. That strange place where literally anything can happen, be it mind-boggling mash-ups, unconventional covers or... yeah, best not to go into all that other stuff. One thing's for sure, though, and that's that where the internet's content creators are concerned there'll always be something more unusual round the corner. 

Enter Left To Suffer vocalist Taylor Barber on TikTok and his take on what we can only describe as house music. 

Barber has kindly shared a video of himself providing the sounds of various household objects would make if everything sounded like metal screams. As he pulls back a chair, flushes a toilet, flips a light switch and slowly opens an old creaky door, he supplies a bevy of fearsome growls to accompany the movements. 

So, if you ever wondered what everyday objects would sound like if they had the guttural tones of a metal singer, then you've come to the right place. Because really, where else would you find such a thing?

Watch the video below:


Metal vocals in everyday objects pt. 1 #metal #vocals #screaming #funny #music

♬ original sound - Taylor Barber
Elizabeth Scarlett

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