Elvis would have loved X Factor


Elvis would have loved TV talent show X Factor, according to the his ex wife Priscilla Presley.

And she reveals the rock and roll icon, who would have been 80 on January 8, would have been open to any show which gave people the chance to make music and better their lives.

She tells Hello! magazine: “It’s very different to what he was used to but he always had an open mind to everything and he would be all for anyone having the chance to make a success of their lives and making a career.

“He was always happy to see young people – especially if they’d come from humble backgrounds like he did – finding a way to make something of their lives.”

Presley also reveals her dismay at the way in which some people remember The King and says it’s sad that he’s “been reduced to a caricature” since his death in 1977.

She continues: “He would have been the lovely, sensitive, authentic man he really was. People think they know Elvis, but my regret is that over the years his memory has sometimes been reduced to a caricature.

“The real Elvis was a man of great depth who really thought about things. He was very spiritual and he loved his family. He was the lavish showman too. but when he was at home he liked simple things like reading and listening to gospel music.”

An exhibition featuring 300 items owned by Elvis including his pink Cadillac and American Eagle jumpsuit is currently being held at the O2 Arena in London. It runs until the end of August 2015.