Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf in the style of Type O Negative will be the best thing you'll hear all day

Type O Negative
(Image credit: Denis Pauna)

Duran Duran's Hungry Like The Wolf makes for the ultimate tune to stick on during an 80s cheesefest, and will sit in quite comfortably between anything from Madonna to Frankie Goes To Hollywood when partaking in karaoke. It's a party classic, and a song that both you and your mum will most likely show no qualms in shaking your hips to.

It's hard to imagine then, the song reworked to sound like it was written by a dark and overtly moody metal band, especially one led by the brooding, vampiric goth king Peter Steele of Type O Negative.

Responsible for stitching these two worlds together is the endlessly talented mash-up maverick Denis Pauna, who can reimagine any song, played by any band, of any genre. Did we mention he was talented?

For his cover, titled If Type O Negative wrote Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran), Pauna stretches his vocals to new levels, or in this case, depths, as he tries to reach an outstandingly low pitch, one that he's never attempted before.

To goth-up the 80s floor-filler, Pauna incorporates drop-tuned bass, trudging guitar riffs, thunder-storming drums and his best Peter Steele impression, which is remarkably accurate. So much so, that it almost sounds like the late frontman is performing the song himself.

Viewers in the comments are also in agreement that Pauna's sonic amalgamation is worthy of some kudos, with one user writing "Man, this was meant to be a type o negative track. And you sir, made it into one. Grand salute", while another suggests that the cover "should be called Hungry like a Werewolf when sung by Type O Negative".

Pauna’s previous works feature him performing in the style of Metallica, Alice In Chains, System Of A Down and more. To discover more of the genius that is Denis Pauna, you can find him over on his YouTube channel.

Listen below:

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