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Doyle ‘ready’ to reunite with Misfits

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein says he’s ready to hook up with his old Misfits bandmates once again.

And while he says he’s been talking about the possibility, he finds it strange they haven’t done anything yet, despite the recent legal wrangle between singer Glenn Danzig and his bassist brother Jerry Only.

Earlier this year, Danzig launched a legal action claiming Only cut him out of profits from the band’s merchandise, saying as he created the band’s ‘Fiend Skull’ character, he was entitled to a share of sales – a point dismissed by Only.

The case was thrown out of court, with Judge Gary Klausner saying as an agreement allowed Only to make money from merchandise, there was nothing for Danzig to sue over.

And Doyle says he doesn’t care about the legal fallout and just wants them to get back together.

He tells Loudwire: “It doesn’t bother me at all – you’ve got to iron all that shit out. All the contracts have to be right. I’m ready right now – I’m dressed. I’ve started talking to them. That’s it, everything got to be ironed out.”

He continues: “I find this is the only fucking business in the world where a bunch of people can’t get along to make millions of dollars. What the fuck is wrong with everybody? Does it suck to play music? No.”

Doyle released his debut album Abominator in 2013.

Scott Munro

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