Don't call The Cult classic rock


The Cult's Ian Astbury has hit out at the term 'classic rock' and says it has marginalised certain bands.

The outspoken frontman, who’s preparing for a North American tour, tells the Vancouver Sun: “I despise the term ‘classic rock.’ Whoever came up with that should be publicly shamed.

“It may be convenient for VH1 or certain publications, but this particular period of rock music has become nothing more than a scrap yard for ironic T-shirts. It’s been marginalised and pushed into a certain space, and that’s unfortunate. There’s so many artists still making vital music.”

The band are working on their 10th album, and first since 2012’s Choice Of Weapon. But Astbury is thankful of a break from the studio to hit the road.

He adds: “The Cult started as a live band. The idea of making records was a fantasy – that was something someone else did. We had done hundreds of shows before we even had the chance to make a record, so a chemistry evolves. We’ve got to play. It’s our lifeblood.”