Devon Allman rues Maiden album purchase

Devon Allman has admitted the first album he ever bought was Iron Maiden’s 1981 release Killers – and he regrets it.

He says the watchword for his career is “integrity” and argues that it’s a great time to be making music with that concept in mind.

Asked about his first-ever purchase, he tells “Iron Maiden, Killers. I had garage sale money and I was a twerp.”

Allman, who released solo album Ragged & Dirty last year after leaving Royal Southern Brotherhood, continues: “I think now more than ever is a great time to be an organic musician, whether it’s bluegrass, soul, R&B or rock.

“The more people are force-fed crap, the more they seek out organic music. There’s a resurgence because people are waking up and getting wise.”

He says of his own direction: “I want to look back and have my integrity be the number one word. That’s why I’m not out there playing Whipping Post. I want to do my own thing.

“Nothing changes my approach to the construct of my career and trying to put out a record every year.”