Def Lep dog’s flight on Kiss private jet


Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell couldn’t take his dog Stuart on the band’s Mexican tour – so he sent the pet packing on Kiss’ private jet.

And the guitarist says: “The wee gobshite doesn’t know how good he has it.”

Stuart, a rescue dog who was 48 hours from being put down when Campbell and his wife took him home, has been travelling with the bands across the US throughout the summer.

Campbell reports: “It’s been a great tour with Kiss. My thanks to the band and crew, and to all who came out to catch a show.

“Stuart has enjoyed the tour too. He can’t go to Mexico with us so he’ll fly back to LA on the Kiss private jet.

“It’s a tough life – high-end hotels, luxury tour bus, private jets. Still, he did a good job of spreading happiness wherever he went. He spread a fair amount of other things too, but we won’t go into that.”

Campbell is continuing treatment for cancer after an all-clear report earlier this year proved to be “premature.” But he says: “Next year the mighty Lepps will return with a new album and a world tour. I’m very much looking forward to it. I especially look forward to having some of my hair back!”