Dee Snider slams anti-abortion politician for using Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It at rally

Dee Snider and Kari Lake
(Image credit: Scott Dudelson ; Brandon Bell (via Getty Images))

In a classic case of 'politician hasn't read the room', right wing 2022 Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake has attracted the ire of former Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider after using one of the band's most famous songs at a recent rally.

Lake, who has also been accused of campaigning on anti-LGBT and anti-immigration platforms and has promoted the false narrative that the 2020 US election was "stolen" from President Trump, has taken a vocal anti-abortion stance - something that goes against Snider's own beliefs.

Recently, footage of Lake greeting supporters at a rally soundtracked by Twisted Sister's We're Not Gonna Take It emerged on social media, causing Snider to distance himself from the politician while noting that he wouldn't be attempting to stop her from using the song in the future.

"While I abhor what this ignoramus @KariLake stands for and the deplorables (yup, Hillary Clinton had it right) she represents, I can NOT legally or morally stop her from using or singing my song," Snider Tweeted. "I wrote it for everyone...cherry picking who uses it is censorship."

Now, after Lake's campaign account tweeted the lyrics to We're Not Gonna Take It and tagged Snider in the post, the frontman has reacted more angrily.

"HEY IDIOTS! READ THE 1ST LINE," Snider exclaims in response. "'We've got the right to CHOOSE!' This is a PRO-CHOICE anthem you or [sic] co-opting. It was NEVER intended for you fascist morons! As the songwriter & singer I DENOUNCE EVERYTHING @KariLake STANDS FOR! Write your own damn song!"

Incredibly, Lake's campaign Twitter account then attempts to argue the point with Snider, the man who wrote the song.

"The subtext in your song is very clear to us, @deesnider" they write. "We've got the right to choose to vote for @KariLake. It's a timeless song."

Snider later replies to a fan expressing joy at hearing that the singer is pro-choice, stating: "I've always been pro-choice, pro women's rights."

The exchange is in stark contrast to Snider's response earlier in the year when he heard that Ukrainians were using We're Not Gonna Take It as an unofficial anthem for their resistance against Russian invasion. “I absolutely approve of Ukrainians using ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ as their battlecry," the musician wrote.

Merlin Alderslade
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